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Brought to you by CalHOPE, the CDE, and All It Takes. 


A Trusted Space for California Educators is part of the 
CalHOPE Schools Initiative. 
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About The Program

about the program

A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth is a ground-breaking documentary and curriculum, created during the height of the pandemic to support our first responders in education. Based on research and neuroscience, the film shares how trusted relationships are the most immediate and potent antidote to the damaging effects of stress and trauma that so many students, families, and teachers  - all of us - are navigating.


The film includes experts in trauma-informed education, equity and innovation in education, such as Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond and Dr. Pedro Noguera, weighing in to address the importance of building trusted relationships and share more about hope and the opportunity we have ahead of us. 

“Being with someone who is accepting, who is affirming, who is able to be engaged in problem solving and caring for individuals, actually reverses a lot of the effects stress has on our bodies and minds.” 

-Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond

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Free Program for All CA Educators
and School Staff

Who is a California Educator?


  • Teachers

  • Nurses

  • Administrators

  • Counselors

  • Coaches

  • Secretaries

  • Campus Monitors

  • Yard Supervisors

  • Registrars

  • Lunch Staff 

  • Bus Drivers

  • School Resource Staff

  • Librarians

  • Interns

  • School Board Members

  • Campus Security 




Watch For Free:

The Internationally acclaimed film, A Trusted Space, Redirecting Grief to Growth


A research based and endorsed SEL curriculum that is easy to implement and relies on developing relationships experientially rather than using a worksheet.


20 Minute Plug&Play ​Professional Development Workshop for your next staff meeting. 

ATS Curriculum.png

A Trusted Space Curriculum

Creating A TRUSTED SPACE in Five Days

A research-based and endorsed SEL curriculum that is easy to implement and relies on developing relationships experientially rather than using a worksheet.


The curriculum reaches its audience through educators implementation and understanding of:

  • The Science and Impact of Trauma

  • Self Care for educators

  • 5-Adult SEL Muscles that will make your work and relationships with youth easier and more meaningful while preserving your emotional strength and bandwidth. 

  • Building Trusted Spaces in Five Days Lessons

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at


5 Critical Muscles that will change your life both in and out of the classroom.

Create trusting relationships while maintaining your authority and credibility!

Curriculum Includes:


Quit Taking It Personally (QTIP)

Offering the Benefit of the Doubt


Communicating with I-Statements

During Victories, Challenges, and Redirects


Ask vs Tell

Recognize and Ask for What You Need, Rather than Tell What’s Wrong



Tell Stories to Relate Feelings, Rather than Make A Point


Walk The Talk

Model In Words, Actions, and Attitudes What You Expect From Them


Mini Professional Development 

20 minute Plug&Play ​Professional Development Workshop for your next staff meeting. 

Designed for and attached to the end of the film, this mini-PD will give staff, regardless of their role, an opportunity to develop their SEL Muscles so they are better equipped to work with students regardless of the emotional stressors they present with.


The 5 Muscles are designed to be learned, practiced, and built upon, creating the space for relationships to grow between staff/staff, staff/students, and in turn between students.

Mini PD
Where California Educators are Creating Trusted Spaces

461+ CA Educator Accounts

2 Million Students Reached

At State, County, District, Campus, and Classroom Levels


How The program helps educators positively impact youth

Building Trusted Relationships serves the entire school ecosystem, by developing base skills that include self-efficacy, proactive communication, confidence, resiliency, compassion, empathy, self-esteem and thoughtful - independent decision making.


Coming off unprecedented years, our education system has been shaken like never before. Finding our way as  educators has become both emotionally and strategically challenging as the grief, trauma and other emotional  stressors continue to impact both our staff and the students they serve.

Research unanimously cites that trust is the antidote to these stressors and also the catalyst for developing resilience, efficacy, responsibility, compassion, empathy, and positive decision making skills to name a few.


Educators have rarely had the training and experience to navigate such emotional times with their students and are often expected to just do it, and do it well. 


ATS supports positive relationship building and student efficacy in various settings including classroom,  playground, individual, group, and positive redirection and class management. This training will assist in the  implementation of techniques that will build positive adult – student and student – student relationships resulting  in atmospheres where all students and those who serve them can heal from elevated emotional stressors and  embrace SEL skills to engage in learning.


NCA is an SEL based framework and is a powerful tool positively impacting growth in the following areas:

  • Management and healing from emotional stressors

  • Attachment to school and learning

  • Improved communication 

  • Improved teamwork  

  • Purposeful inclusion of others  

  • Increased confidence  

  • Greater patience and empathy  

  • Growth in resiliency and self-efficacy  

  • Reduced discipline concerns including: classroom disruptions, office referrals and suspensions.


Expanded Professional Development Opportunities

Building Trusted Spaces professional development trainings help educators embrace their place, not as healers,  but as builders of atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally. This in its essence is social emotional learning, (SEL), which has long been held as necessary and now is being cited as critical. SEL does not  have to be a worksheet, in fact worksheets have been common practice with minimal results for many years. It is  time to engage, to interact, to bring trusted atmospheres to our education systems and Building Trusted Spaces  PD shows your staff how by starting with them first.  

Professional Development

We provide experiential staff development in building Trusted Spaces using the powerful framework,  Notice Choose Act®, (NCA). Additionally, experiential delivery methodology will be experienced and practiced  offering direct access to individuals finding their ‘why.’ 


PD Key Takeaways: 

A. The power and purpose of Trust 

B. The 3-Keys to Trusted Spaces:

1. Knowing the Science 

2. Starting with Yourself 

3. Build Trusted Spaces 

C. Notice Choose Act® as a way forward in all challenges 

D. Language and Communication to elevate relationships with colleagues, students, and everywhere else.

E. Practical applications 

1. Choosing to see solutions outside the box. 

2. Communication skills – connecting without power struggle.

3. Meeting students ‘where they are rather than  where one wants or thinks they should be.’ 

F. Experiential activities are threaded throughout the training to solidify learning and ability to use with students.


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